1000 Ultra Clear Silicone Containers 5ML-1 case



1000 Ultra Clear Silicone Concentrate Containers 5ML-1 case


Airtight Twist Top Lid
Molded in durable clear silicone
Non-stick surface

This is the highest quality non-stick container for concentrates.
By purchasing in bulk quantity your saving on your packaging budget.
Providing high quality and appeal your product and brand.
Preserving more product with a silicone container.

Known as cosmetic jars you can also package samples of hemp  / cannabis skin care products.
Salves , Balms, and Creams.  for these applications we also offer larger jars and containers above the sample size.

Custom Options:
Add a Circular label with your brand or logo or safety information.
Package these in custom mylar pouches.

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs