1/2 oz. ( 14 gram) Sealer Bag CA Medical Label 1000ct





1/2 oz. ( 14 gram) Sealer Bag CA Medical Label 1000 ct
Capacity: 1/2 oz
Pouch Dimensions: W 4.49″ x L 6.93″ x G 2.76″
Package Type: Stand-up

We are proud to offer the Bud Barrier brand packaging in (1g, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, & 1oz) sizes. This package is perfect for discreet packaging  needs of dried herbs and  flowers, small edibles, shatter, or medical concentrate syringes. Similar to our Multi-Purpose packaging,
Bud Barrier features the highest quality odor resistant, re-sealable, zip-lock, stand-up display, and tear-notch design for easy access. By incorporating a revolutionary multi-layer process this package is designed to keep your product fresh and odorless yet clearly visible. To ensure full marketability of your product, labels can be easily added or taken off.

This packaging comes with the following features:

  •  Odor Resistant
  •  Child Resistant
  • Re-sealable Zip-Lock
  •  Tamper Evident
  •  Heat Sealable
  •  Stand Up Display Feature
  •  Ready to Fill Pre-Opened Zipper
  •  Lightweight and Ergonomic


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