3×1 CA Safety Stock Label – 1000 Roll



These pre-printed state compliant California medical cannabis labels are perfect for labeling a variety of products intended for the medical cannabis market. They can be used for labeling glass, plastic, non-stick concentrate jars, bags and other types of packaging. This is a great solution for when you receive a product that is labeled incorrectly. You always want to provide a properly labeled package for your patients. They are easy to peel, easy to apply and feature a matte surface which is perfect for marking with a felt or ball-point pen.

Pre-printed with CA Medical Marijuana Legal and Disclaimer info. Includes California Prop 215, SB420, HS Code 11362.5 & 11362.7 disclaimers. Not for resale or redistribution and keep out of reach of children disclaimers are also displayed on the bag. Other information on the package include the may cause drowsiness and alcohol may intensify this effect warnings.

We offer high quality custom design for anything from warnings, disclaimers or other required information that may be unique to your state, product, or specifications. If you’re interested in taking your packaging experience to the next level give us a call at (925) 354-9411 or email us at sales(at) and experience the next level in design and customer service. Sealed Packet Systems has the solutions your looking for.


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