SPS-300 Table Top Hand Operated Heat Sealer (12″)


(SPS)-(300) (Hand) Operated Heat Sealer
Sealer Type: Heat Impulse – (Table Top) (Hand) Operated
Max Seal Length: (12”)
Seal Width: (2mm)
Material Thickness: Up to 6mil
(No Cutter)
Power: 110V/60hz – (400W)
Sealing Time: 0-4 Seconds – See more at:



Our (PFS)-(300) (Hand-Operated) sealers are ideal for sealing materials up to (12″) inches wide while offering a (2mm) wide seal allowing for a heat sealed, tamper resistant odor proof package. This quick, efficient and reliable choice is perfect for effective sealing of bags, pouches, film and other heat sealable material. By taking precautions such as sealing and properly labeling your products you will help ensure your patients have the freshest medicine and safest packaging when transporting and storing their cannabis. Like with any impulse heat sealer the heating elements eventually need to be replace, we offer replacement parts for the (SPS)-(300) model sealer.

This plug-in sealer is ideal for packaging material up to (12”) inches long with a seal width of (2mm). This (table top) sealer is easy to operate and is fully adjustable so you can dial in the perfect seal based on material type and thickness. You can effectively seal with minimal effort while only using minimal energy when idle and uses electricity only during the sealing process. This product can be plugged into any standard 110-volt outlet with no additional modifications. This sealer is capable of sealing materials up to 6mil thick.

If your looking for more advanced sealers and packaging systems please call 925-354-9411 for support.


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